Cap’s BBQ is the first smoke house in Geneva. A traditional and authentic BBQ that takes its origins in Texas and South Carolina, the temples of smoked meat.

What makes it different are the amazing flavours of spices and marinades. The slow cooking in the smoke houses makes the meat flavourful, tender and delicious. With over 6 meat dishes on the menu, Cap’s BBQ is a genuine experience in the American food culture.

Caps BBQ is named after Conor and Valentine Caporale. Conor is from America and Valentine from Switzerland.

It was during the numerous BBQs organised by the Caporale’s that the crazy idea of opening a restaurant was born. An idea carried by the couple and a passion that became reality in 2020, thanks to the encouragement of their friends and family.

Cap’s BBQ now brings together authenticity, conviviality and delicious meats under one roof.

The first American Smokehouse located in Geneva. As an authentic BBQ restaurant we have probably have a lot of meats/dishes you haven’t heard of and an order process you definitely won’t be familiar with.